• April 15th, 2016

Proposing a solution

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Write a 1000 word essay proposing a solution to a problem. Choose a problem faced by a community or group to which you belong, i.e. your school, an organization to which you belong, your family, your work place, your community, or even your country. You may not write about abortion, capital punishment, cyberbullying, or obesity. *Note: Unless otherwise noted, all page numbers refer to St. Martin’s Guide to Writing. ¬ You must use documentation from at least five sources. ♣ One/or more articles from a database, i.e. Issues and Controversies, Opposing Viewpoints, Sirs Researcher, EBSCOHost, etc. ♣ One/or more articles from a website (must be .edu, .gov., or .org) ♣ One source that is field research. (pp. 682-689) ♣ You may not use Wikipedia as a source. ϖ Choose a problem to write about. ¬ Make a list of communities or groups to which you belong. ¬ Make a list of problems faced by these groups. ¬ Choose a problem to solve.

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