• March 14th, 2016

Proposal Report

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Proposal Report Project

For this project, you are to respond to a Request for Proposals from the Student Environmental Sustainability FundPreview the documentView in a new window (SESF) at Pierce College. This is a fictitious fund, but for our purposes, we will treat it as if it were a real funding possibility. This fund has monies available to students on campus to propose projects to make the campus more environmentally sustainable and reduce its environmental footprint. As someone proposing a project, you will need to perform research in order to identify a potential project on the Pierce College campus, and propose that project to the SESF. Click herePreview the documentView in a new window to access additional information about the SESF application requirements.

Purpose of the Project

This assignment is designed to help you understand the role of technical writing in both business and interpersonal spheres. Many proposals are written in business environments and frequently propose a given vendor’s goods or services to a potential client. But proposal reports are often written by non-profits, charitable organizations, or other groups to win funding for projects and events they wish to host. Recognizing the specific rhetorical situations inherent in each individual proposal is important. Who is your audience? What are the needs/expectations of your audience? How does your project address a current and relevant need for your audience? How can you effectively persuade your audience to award you the funding you are requesting? You will need to rely on rhetorical appeals and an acute awareness of the rhetorical context of this type of writing.

This project will require primary and secondary research in order to be effective. Since you are writing for an organization that is willing to provide funding for a project that could be beneficial to a population separate from the funding organization, you will need to demonstrate, authoritatively, that their money will not only be used to benefit this group but will also be used effectively. Thus, you need to demonstrate, authoritatively, the specific needs of the population you intend to serve (there might be overlapping populations) and the specific ways that your project will address these needs. You will need to identify specific desired outcomes for your proposal and identify how you will measure those outcomes.


This project will have the following components:

Letter of Intent (LOI): This is a letter written to the funding organization outlining your proposed project and including basic relevant information (such as the identified problem, your proposed solution, costs, and timelines). The audience for this letter is the SESF and the letter should follow the guidelines of a standard business letter. You should identify the need you’ve identified, a project you would like to propose, the impact (both physical and financial) of your proposed project, and the timeline for completion. For guidelines, see the “Letter of Transmission” discussion on pages 605-607 of TCTC.

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