• March 9th, 2016

Project Scope

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

For now it assessment one. Please ensure table of contents. Follow marking guide to address things have highlighted things to begin with. So we are on assessment 1. Project Scoping Activity
Under Scope: Introduction overview of the company-Bunnings Warehouse. Goals of the company even two at least. Goals for the project as well. Clients needs and business needs even in two sentences.
– Issue or opportunity in Bunnings
-Project definition
– Aim
– Objectives: They need to be five and SMART as by when. Needs to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and Time bound.
– Cost
– Time frames.
After objectives-there needs to be acceptance/success criteria which i will give an example in the question paper word document on the bottom basically repeating the five Objectives summarize them but the success criteria must be pointed out. Don’t follow the poor work of that other writer as i got poor marks. I know you are smart so you will use your intelligence after reading a book

what resources are needed for the project?
Under milestones: Repeating the five objectives with the completion date. So must be in a table.
– Don’t forget the risk analysis too
Then follow other question headings. head everything then respond. Do not add other things. Address this to the point as per question and the things i have also included in this description. This assignment is due Sunday this week so no enough time, i can’t extend. The books i am attaching, the recommended books to use by the Lecturer and not using other ones strictly. But since we need three sources, you can add another one, but make sure whatever information you reference especially on Bunnings too. So it may slightly exceed. Attaching everything and make sure you open each and single document. For the sample of the scope lecturer said that is cert level but we need to do it even better but a slight guide from it. Will put email lecturer said to bout the sample scope.

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