• April 24th, 2016

Project schedule management [Subject: Project Management]

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Topic Analysis. For the assignment, please use recent articles to make sure that you have the most recent knowledge on the selected area. The results should add significant value to the discussions held in class, using multiple sources.
The preference order of references:
A*/A journal articles,
other-ranking journal articles,
conference proceedings,
industry standards and
other online sources.

The written report should include the following sections.
Please note:

(1) the sectional questions below are structured using the topic of “project knowledge management” as an example. Your should replace that with the topic of your selection;
(2) this is a Literature Review report. So your arguments should be supported by the literature.

1. The importance of this area in project management

What is project knowledge management?
Why project knowledge management is important to project management?
2. The latest development of this area

What are the focuses of research on project knowledge management and their key findings in the last 5-10 years? (Your group may need to expand/limit your search subject to the number of articles you find).

3. An explanation and demonstration of two concepts

Choose two tools or theories or frameworks etc that serve the same (or at least similar) purpose and describe in details how each of them works? You need to start with why your group selects these two and then move on to descriptions.
4. A comparison of the described concepts/tools

What are the criteria your group will use for the comparison and their definitions?
Compare the two tools/frameworks/theories you described in Section 3 against the above list of the criteria.
5. Practical implications and limitations

In reference to Section 3, what are the difficulties in applying the two discussed concepts/tools/methodologies to practice? And what your group suggests can be done to improve their applicability?
6. Theoretical implications and limitations

In reference to Section 2, what topics in the area of project knowledge management your group consider it as under-studied? What are your group’s suggestions for future research topics in the area of project knowledge management?)

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