• April 13th, 2016

Project reflection

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

To provide the student with the opportunity to reflect on the Capstone project experience; to share reflections in a written format

Consider the experiences of the RN Capstone course. Reflect on your Capstone work and share your thoughts about the process, using the “Prompts to Guide Reflection” (below). A title page with running head is not required for this assignment.
PLEASE NOTE: The prompts are a way to guide reflection. While it is recommended that the student address these prompts, it is not mandatory that each and every one is explicitly covered. Students are welcome to include other thoughts that are not specifically mentioned in the prompts.

Full credit (10 points) will be earned for on-time submission of a thoughtful reflection. The reflection will be appropriately specific and address most of the prompts. Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. will be utilized. Recommended length of this reflection is 1-2 pages.

Prompts to Guide Reflection:
• When you consider the Capstone work you have completed for this course, what are your general thoughts about the experience?
• Discuss any skills that the Capstone project allowed you to practice/improve.
• What did you enjoy the most about the Capstone process?
• What was your proudest accomplishment?
• Discuss any “pitfalls” you encountered. How did you work through the challenges?
• What were your biggest frustrations related to the process or outcome? Why?
• Who were your biggest advocates during the process? Why?
• What impact did the meetings/meeting minutes have on your ability to focus and communicate your efforts?
• Share your thoughts related to the future of the project and how you could continue the work that was begun through the Capstone.
• If you had the opportunity for a “do-over”, what would you change or do differently?
• If you were providing advice about the Capstone process/project to a future BSN for RN student, what advice would you share?

This essay is based on the project ‘effective communication’ you helped with

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