• April 4th, 2016

Program Proposal

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Identify the target population. Regardless of the track and issue chosen, a target population must be identified for the proposal. Identify the target population associated with the chosen issue. Within the target population, choose the developmental stage that will act as the focus for the proposal. Many programs may directly and/or indirectly influence people in different stages; however, it is important to select the stage that is most applicable to the specific program being proposed. For example, in a program for adults who are caring for their elderly parents, the focus is on the adults (likely in middle adulthood) so a middle adulthood focus would be most appropriate for that program.

Identify the geographic location where the program will be deployed. Programming will be directly influenced by the location in which it will take place. For example, a child safety program in a rural farming community will likely have different objectives and needs than a child safety program in a large metropolitan city.

Research a minimum of five peer-reviewed articles on the chosen issue in the Ashford University Library. All sources utilized for the Program Proposal must have been published within the last 10 years.

Creating the Program Proposal

Program proposals take on many forms and styles. Creativity is encouraged because it not only tests the boundaries of what is possible for solutions to various issues, but also typically increases the chances for funding. Regardless of the issue being addressed, the Program Proposal must incorporate the following headings (noted in bold) and include the supporting information that is detailed beneath each heading.

Proposal Summary

Under this heading, provide a summary paragraph that presents the program, its objectives, and how the program will address an area of need in the identified geographic location and issue of interest.
•Identify the target population and developmental stage of the population, as well as the intended program track. (These will be elaborated upon further in the Program Narrative and Procedures section of the proposal.)

•Identify the geographic location for the program and the specific needs within that location. (These will be elaborated upon further in the Program Narrative and Procedures section of the proposal.)

•Create a purpose statement that applies developmental theory and research to policy and community.

•Conclude with a purpose statement in which the need for the program as well as the alignments with the support and findings are stated. (These will be elaborated upon in the Background section of the proposal.)

Organization Description and Qualifications

Under this heading, act as an individual representative and identify the community agency submitting this proposal.
•Explain what qualifies the agency to create this specific program (education, experience, history, etc.).

•Describe how the agency plans to promote the success of this program and what resources the agency has access to or can provide.

While this community agency will be a construct rather than a true community agency, the information and attributes described must align with the qualifications expected of a true agency of that nature and the qualifications should support the goals of the proposal.

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