• April 11th, 2016

Production proposal-Story / Sound / Image / Text

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

You will need to demonstrate familiarity with the issues

surrounding your chosen media item and an ability to use a variety of primary
and secondary sources.

• It makes sense to relate your proposal to your own chosen pathway (journalism,
television, PR & advertising or radio). It should seek to identify implications for
• Your proposal needs to fuse awareness of key theoretical issues and debates
relating to your chosen medium and how they come to play in media practice.
The proposal should comprise three distinct but interrelated parts: idea, theory, practice.
• Idea: In the first part you need to introduce your production idea in sufficient
detail, specifying format and content of the production.
• Theory: In the second part, students will reflect on the theoretical issues that
need to be considered given the nature of their planned production, paying
particular attention to narrative strategies.
• Practice: For the final part, students should research examples of productions
that they might wish to emulate if they were to realize their project, justifying their
choices and taking into account the theoretical considerations from part two.
What theoretical work/or media text/narrative structure influenced your main idea
for the production?
• The word count for this assignment is 2500 words but may be supplemented with
image material, for instance TV/documentary stills, photographic images,
adverts) or you may submit a sound clip if radio is your chosen format (this
should be on a CD rom). You can discuss details with your seminar or module
leader. You may also include a dummy to illustrate your idea if applicable.
• You will need to agree on a topic with us first; however, the choice is as wide as
you want to make it. Each proposal will demonstrate a familiarity with its subject
and ability to research and present a coherent argument. Credit will be given for
integrating pertinent theoretical perspectives.
• It is important that were you refer to examples of media content that you are not
simply describing or commenting on this item of content (or a collection). You
should be addressing underlying practice – theory related issues. Ask yourself
when planning the research: how does my topic relate to practice in my field and
the work of practitioners (TV or radio journalists, producers, directors, writers,
print journalists, commentators, correspondents etc.)? How does it relate to the
theory I learnt in class?
• It is about getting deep familiarity with a topic that interests you and seeing how
both theoretical and practical considerations can give you insight and generate
ideas for your own practice.

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