• April 20th, 2016

Product Design Issues in Novelty Creations

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Noora is disappointed. Her company, Novelty Creations has just withdrawn from its latest venture after three unsuccessful months of trying to market a new product. The company markets a range of novelty ‘lifestyle’ products using a direct mail brochure and the internet.

Company makes many indoor and our door collection of innovative and creative products. The company is always looking for new product ideas. Not all new products succeed, but Noor’s problem is that this is the tenth recent new product failure and she is worried that the company is losing direction. New product ideas come from an in-house team consisting of Noora and two other directors. All are from technical backgrounds. Customers are not consulted at the stage of idea generation as it is felt that they would be unable to grasp many early stage concepts. Idea generation sessions take place on the last Thursday of every month and usually result in about ten new ideas being put forward and discussed. As the major shareholder of the company, Noora takes it upon herself to select which, if any, of these ideas should be taken further with a view to including them in the product portfolio. She uses her own judgment in this screening process as she feels that the growth of the company is down to her ‘feel’ for the market. Once a product idea is selected, Noora and her team find someone who can make the product and it is then incorporated in the brochure and on the website.

She believes that the best test of a product is whether it sells or not and for this reason no marketing research is conducted before its inclusion in the product portfolio. Once the product is launched, a small sample of customers are contacted randomly and asked to complete a questionnaire regarding their views on this product and other company products. Noora is seriously concerned about recent product failures and is wondering if a different and perhaps more systematic approach to developing new products might be appropriate. She is looking for advice about what the company might be doing wrong and how it might improve its new product development procedures.


  • Evaluate the company’s approach to new product design
  • State the importance of product design and its strategic impact for Novelty Creations (chapter 2)
  • Suggest the steps to develop a product design (chapter 2)
  • Suggest types of processes in product design and their characteristics (chapter 2)
  • Suggest how the company might improve its success rate for future new products

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