• March 14th, 2016

Principles of Entrepreneurship

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

My assignment consists of a 2,500 essay based on a case study. The essay will have to be organized as following:Introduction, Analysis, Evaluation, Recomendations(solution of problem) , Conclusion, References, and Appendix. Also it required a Business model template filled in with the information given in the case study. Further instructions by the instructor are uploaded.

Useful Information:

It has to show how nokia was doing well, and if the case study was going to have a transition.

-what should I be looking for:

case study tell me about specific challenges

analyse it from a market point of view

-strategies that nokia was using

-what were the other companies doing in order to penetrate this market

-what cause the problemm: what are the effects


-identify: how could the have avoid this

-ask yourself: did nokia had continious plan, did i t have an exit strategy?

-having conducted an industry and market analysis, i have identified nokias position, before the decline and after the decline….in my analysis below….

-Power vs interest

-Evaluation: alternatives nokia could have allocated

-key partners, value proposition

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