• January 3rd, 2017

Presenting Innovative Products and Services

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To prepare for this assessment, complete the following:
1.Select at least three leadership practices and at least three discovery skills (one of which must be “associating”). Consider the work of Dyer, Gregersen, and Christensen listed in the Resources or research you have done for previous assessments to make these selections.
2.Find three articles or media pieces from professional sources that exemplify or focus on innovative practices or products. You will use these articles to analyze your selected practices and skills and as evidence in your arguments of how your selected leadership practices and innovation skills are evident and critical to the success of the products or services highlighted in the articles.
•You may want to consider the Web sites listed in the Resources that highlight new products and innovations in product design.
•You may also wish to explore the Harvard Business Review (HBR) Blog Network (linked in the Resources), which is an excellent source of articles on a variety of business and leadership topics, including leading innovation.
•You may also want to search the Web using search terms such as: “innovation leadership,” “leading innovation,” “design innovation,” “innovative products,” or other related search terms. Be careful to evaluate the quality and reliability of any resource that you use for professional and scholarly purposes.

Create a 20–25-slide PowerPoint presentation with a transcript of the speech that would accompany it, included as a separate Word document. The presentation should be 20–25 minutes in length, if you were to actually deliver it, and should be targeted to your professional colleagues. It must do the following:

•Introduce three leadership practices and three discovery skills (one of which must be “associating”) that you have chosen to highlight. ◦Give the context of each, describe their importance, and share examples of their successful application.

◦Examine an example of a company that failed to innovate or employ these skills and practices.

•Explain to your audience how these practices and skills were critical to the success of the innovative products or services specifically depicted in the articles or media that you selected from your research.

•Examine three contemporary global business challenges or opportunities that demand innovation from corporate leadership.

•Contain a slide with questions that audience members should answer when considering how to introduce successful innovative practices and skills into their own companies.

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