• April 7th, 2016

Presentation and Negotiating Buyer Concerns

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

To complete this assignment you must:
1) Prepare a presentation plan by completing the Strategic Sales Planning Form (attached here). Refer to the “Final Role Play – The Situation” document (found in the Mock Sell Resources Folder) for a list of your buyers’ needs/buying conditions.
2) Prepare a portfolio that contains the proof devices from the Fastenal material (found in the Mock Sell Resources Folder). You can organize your portfolio however you like. See page 472 for an example. I recommend using 3-ring binder with pockets and using document protectors for your documents.
3) Review the material on types of buyer concerns and the specific methods of negotiating the concerns. Also, review the section titled “Working with Buyers Trained in Formal Negotiations” (p 292-293).
4) Complete the Negotiations Worksheet (attached here).

To receive full credit, the following must be submitted (as a single document) before class on Tuesday 4/7
1) Cover page
2) Completed Strategic Sales Planning Form
3) Completed Negotiations Worksheet

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