• April 10th, 2016

Present a critical review of the past, current and future use of animals in brain research.

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Task: Present a critical review of the past, current and future use of animals in brain research. (this is a biological psychology subject)

Remember this critical review needs to be balanced. This means you must provide evidence for your arguments as well as critique the available evidence. Is the evidence you are presenting backed up by other studies? Do some studies show conflicting evidence? Was there an issue with the study conducted that means you need to be careful in interpreting the results? Please use at least 11 recent (last 5 years, i.e. from 2011 onwards) journal articles as references. Book references as well. Additional references will also be expected

1) APA format is required
2) Must be an ACTIVE TONE
3) Must criticise and analyze the material
4) References with of journal articles in doi and not in Indian research
5) NO direct quotes. Must paraphrase and use findings of studies/authors
6) Must compare and oppose findings
7) Must discuss past (history), current and future

This is how it will be graded:

1. Answered the Question
A critical review of the past, current and future use of animals in brain research.
Demonstrated knowledge of four learning outcomes:
A) Understands the foundations of physiological psychology
B) Understands the bases for analysing behaviour in terms of brain mechanisms
C) Understands the bases of some organic disorders and become fluent in describing medical terms for common manifestations of brain dysfunction
D) Understands laboratory methods that involve the research principles used in biological psychology

2. Evidence of Critical Discussion
A) Relevant papers are reviewed, from seminal early works to the latest current developments and are inter-related and build upon each other showing progress to the current state B) Identifies key issues/debate in the literature concisely summarising and discussing them in reference to how they address the essay question
C) Critical examination of methods and findings
D) Demonstrates contextual understanding – historical, societal, cultural, moral and ethical implications

3. Introduction
A) Provides brief background /contextual information and introduces the essay’s topic clearly and concisely
B) Identifies the relevance and importance of topic
C) Identifies the point of view/argument
D) Identifies structure of paper
C) Briefly discusses the conclusion reached

4. Conclusion
A) Provides a synthesis of essay not summary
B) Restates the topic and purpose of the essay
C) Reviews major points presented in the essay
D) Discusses the implications of your conclusion

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