• January 10th, 2017

Preparing to Conduct Business Research, Part 3

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Purpose of Assignment
The Week 5 Learning Team assignment is the third part of the cumulative Learning Team project. This part of the assignment gives students the chance to determine the best approaches to the design of the research such as qualitative versus quantitative and then looks at the sampling process. Students continue using their same study and look at real world business issues that can be related back to their own work or desired employment.
Assignment Steps
Create a 700-word assessment of the nature of the research design.
Include the following:
• Discuss whether the business problem could be solved using primarily qualitative or quantitative research design.
• Discuss the benefits of using both designs in the research study.
• Determine which design (qualitative or quantitative) will become the primary research design.
• Discuss how to use the power of each design most effectively.
• Discuss the drawbacks of using just one of the designs to research the problem.
• Determine how to obtain the sample including the sampling method and approach.
• Discuss the insights each type of design might generate and the importance of those insights in solving the business problem.

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