• March 10th, 2016

Practice week the future of you assessment 2

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

use the third person view, according to assignment 1 what I wrote. please be aware of read the assignment 2 brief carefully as this is the detail of this assessment and how to write it. also the assignment 2 critiea please read carefully, as this is how the teacher mark the assessment and to achieve the highest mark according to the request. the other relative document you can look and will know how to write that.
this report is reflect upon and evaluate your “personal brand” and your resultant competence to compete successfully in the work environment. remember according what I wrote in assessment 1. the method and framework use in the first one. also to Produce a report which attempts to gauge how your peers perceive you and contains some reflective observation. require you to actively participate in a variety of activities; using a variety of techniques through to observing “theatrical events” which are designed to give you pause for reflection on “how do others perceive me?” This will be assessed by a reflective report of 1,500 words which evaluates the experience and learning points for development gained.

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