• April 22nd, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The purpose of this essay is to make an original argument about an enduring issue supported by peer-review research.

Essay should include 2-3 academic sources into the conversation from Ebsco.com

1) Present a tittle the reflects the argument

2) clear purpose

3) Clearly state the issue

4) present a clear thesis

5) demonstrate awareness of audience through appropriate academic tone

6) Present focused, well-developed body paragraphed evidence and developed reasons

7) Quote, summarize, and paraphrase the source material as necessary

8) Support your thesis with well-paragraphed evidence and developed reasons

9) use effective, relevant quotes as evidence to support your thesis when necessary

10) use techniques of argument, counterargument, and comparison and contrast

11) use peer-reviewed journal articles or books as sources

12) Articulate your ideas with clarity at the sentence and paragraph levels

13) Write an essay free of errors in spelling, grammar, and mechanics

14) Follow MLA guidelines for in-text citation

15) Present an essay in MLA format with a work cited page

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