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Politics and Change in the Middle East | UK US Essays
  • October 31st, 2015

Politics and Change in the Middle East

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This paper is a summary of a book chapter.

The book is ‘Politics and Change in the Middle East’ by Anderson, Seibert and Wagner.


Chapter 5 should be summarized in 3 pages and the writer should show deep thought to its major themes that are the following:



Some major themes to expand on:


  • Nationalism: Arab, Turkish, Iranian and Zionism.
  • State formation in the middle East: division of the Arab world, independence of Turkey and Iran, and the creation of Israel.
  • Arab Revolt, June 10, 1916-Mecca.
  • The secret agreements: Sykes-Picot- 1915-1916.
  • Colonialisms and Western dominance in the region
  • Self-Determination: Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points.
  • Contradictory-Agreements: colonial agreements (France, Britain, Russia), Arabs vs. Jews in Palestine, Hussein vs. Ibn Saud.
  • Trauma of WWI: Axis-Central Powers (Austro-Hungarian, Germany, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria). Allies- France, Britain, Russia, US, Japan and Italy.
  • WWII and the Middle East theater: Britain, France, USSR vs. Germany, Italy and Japan- Impact of the war on the region.
  • Middle East: state formation and independence movements in the post war (WWII) period.
  • Israel: an outpost for imperialism in the Middle East


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