• June 4th, 2018

Political Science

Final Paper Reflection Assignment: This is not a paper but a set of documents. The idea is for you both to demonstrate how much you have learned and to rethink how you could have strengthened your final paper. For this assignment you must include three components in a single word document. You should:

  1. Include a detailed and organized outline of the final paper with changes in red font (do not rewrite the paper),
  2. Include an annotated bibliography of two new sources. This means that for each new source you must answer the four questions (what is this source’s context/puzzle, argument, method/evidence, and conclusion?). Please remember to follow the format you used in the annotated journals you submitted earlier in the semester (this means you must cite properly and make sure you are proofreading your summary of the article).
  3. Include a reflective 1 page summary on why you made the changes that you did.



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