• March 26th, 2016

Political Science

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Write a concise, 450-600 word essay (3 paragraphs minimum) on ONE of the following topics:

Option 1: Evaluate the principles of authoritarian and totalitarian governments and identify one (modern or historical) example of each. How do they differ? Which is most likely to catalyze international conflict? Which is more likely to reform into a democracy?

Option 2: Identify the different types of electoral systems, name one Western European government that utilizes each system, and assess the implications of those systems on its citizens participation.

Option 3: Discuss the origins and developments of the nation-state.

See the Course Schedule (in the “Start Here” module) for due dates.
Reference the rubric attached to this dropbox for grading information.
Students may use any font they like, but the body of the essay must be at least 450 words, excluding the students name, date, class number, title, citations, etc. Points will be deducted proportionately for each word under the minimum. Essays are to be cited using APA .

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