• April 19th, 2016

Play It as It Lays; What is Nothing?

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As you  know, we’ve been reading, analyzing, and enjoying (!) our novel, Joan Didion’s
Play It as It Lays. For the final essay, you do not have specific essay topics/prompts from which to choose. Instead, the topic is up to you, but just like our previous essays, you will
perform a literary analysis; formulate a thesis based on your own topic, issues, dichotomies, etc. and use the novel and scholarly research** to support your claim.
Remember that a literary analysis is NOT a summary or book report; it makes a significant claim about literature based on the interpretation of the actual text and its attributes & uses textual evidence to support said claim.
This is a formal, academic essay. The tone of this essay should be elevated, not
casual or conversational. Also remember…
Your thesis should be clearØ Title your essay using a two-part title.Ø Ø Your essay should be tightly focused and organized. Øand concise.  Remember to cite passages from the primary source (the novel) and outside, scholarly sources in MLA format (include both in- text citations and a works cited page; reference your Writer’s Reference/MLA  Introduce quotes by author/source and incorporate them intoØHandbook).  Øyour paper; do not just drop/sprinkle quotes throughout your essay.  Avoid contractions (can’t, don’t, isn’t, etc.) unless they are part of a  Use of the informal “I” (first person) or “you/your”Ødirect quote.  (second person) should be avoided in formal essays (unless part of a direct quote, of course). Instead, use the third person (one, he, she, etc.); this format is preferred and heavily suggested, and allows for an  Your essay should be clear ofØunbiased account of the argument.  grammatical errors to ensure meaning is not obscured.

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