• April 16th, 2016

Plant DNA extraction, PCR and gel electrophoresis

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


“Introduce” all the techniques used – plant DNA extraction (all genetic research starts with DNA – the hereditary molecule, describe the principle of the experiment – it can be done in a very simple, basic way, using simple chemicals, hence the “kitchen sink” method or “quick and dirty”), PCR – principle, what is it used for, gel electrophoresis (what’s the principle behind the process and applications)

Aims of the experiments (to obtain plant DNA, use it as template to amplify “housekeeping genes” and verify the results through gel electrophoresis.


Describe the procedures performed in your own words.

Results and Discussion

“Discuss” the procedures and your results (use any illustrations you think might be helpful from the PDF protocols of the course and add your gel picture to comment on). For example you can mention you also isolated plasmid DNA from bacterial cells, DNA isolation follows the same principle, but this was “quick and dirty” and mini prep was done using a commercial kit, which is very “clean”. Use the “tasks” section of the protocols as a guideline of what to mention, comment and interpret your results.


Where your experiments successful and did you achieve your aim (mentioned in the introduction


If you have used any outside sources you should mention them

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