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Plan Your College Career Date – Waleed‏ | UK US Essays
  • May 6th, 2015

Plan Your College Career Date – Waleed‏

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I’m going to include my courses that I want you to apply it with ( Excel ) and i will upload more information in the attachment to know hoe=w i want it :

Project Focus
You have many requirements (milestones) to meet before you can graduate from your current college. Create a Gantt chart in Microsoft Project or Microsoft Excel that takes you from your freshman year to graduation in your senior year. Be sure your Gantt chart includes all of the following:
1. Each course you must take to graduate.
2. The time frames required to complete each course.
3. Dependencies among the course milestones (prerequisites)
4. Any resources required to complete each course (you are the primary resource).
Grading Criteria
This assignment is worth 80 points. Correctly completing the minimum requirements is worth 72 points. The minimum requirements for this assignment would be to include:

1. At least 2 years (4 terms) of interdependent milestones (courses) with a full load (12 credit hours) of courses for each term
2. The start date (at least month & year) and duration for each course
3. Appropriate headings and course titles
4. Create a Gantt chart as demonstrated in class and in the technology plugin 12 materials
1. hide the start date series
2. limit the chart date range to dates between the start date of the first milestone and the end date of the last milestone
3. delete the chart legend
4. use the correct values for the X & Y axis labels
Additionally, up to 15 points may be added for completing any/all of the following items (or including additional features/information not identified):

1. Include a complete 4-year program
2. Include multiple path alternatives
3. Color-code the courses by type (e.g., general education, business core, major core, electives, courses transferred from a different program, other courses already completed, etc.) with an appropriate key/legend
4. Use formulas & functions to calculate the start dates based upon the interdependencies of the courses
5. Include comments or notes regarding interde pendencie, choices/options, additional criteria, etc.
6. Format the Gantt Chart in a visually appealing manner (but which still conveys the primary meaning of the chart)
My courses to make the plan for is:

Plan Your College Career Date – Waleed‏


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