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Placement learning plan (human service worker/social worker)

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Assessment #1
The learning plan sets the focus for placement and identifies likely activities and evidence to demonstrate achievement of practice standards at the required level. Students are required to develop a plan for learning for each of the practice standards.

I have already upload the student’s temple who done the placement at Strategy & Reform Division, Attorney-General’s Department as a reference that can be finish easily and according the following description, the writer should write the similar work somehow paraphrase this and change and add more idea on the same format.

However i am working at st john undertaking the placement for culture life experience program. there is the following link i am working about https://www.stjohnsa.com.au/get-involved/community-care/community-care-program .For example, my task in placement are to teach the elder ppl to learn electric goods such as using phone , downloading the apps and using computer, visiting the comparatively elder ppl regularly and communicate more with them realize more their current life, help for translating the story and promoting their life through producing video and publishing flyer, office work and research .

Main direction of the placement in st john: The Flourishing Life program is unique in that it offers a wide range of learning opportunities for students. During the placement plan meeting, project coordinators will give an overview of each of the projects within the Flourishing Life program. Due to the strengths-based nature of the program, we would like to design your placement as the best fit for your strengths and capacities to empower the lives of our clients. At this stage we have a general framework; further synergy will emerge within your placement as we go. Using the strength-based approach allows us to match students with clients and programs so that you are able to achieve optimal learning outcomes within your placement period.
Attached is an outline of the day’s scheduled events.

There are no corequisite courses to be completed in conjunction with this course.
Course Aim
To enable students to apply human service practice knowledge and skills in a work setting and to critically reflect on their professional identity as a human service worker.
Course Objectives
On completion of this course, students should be able to:
CO1. Critically analyse the structure and functions of the host agency
CO2. Evaluate the range of services within the host agency’s network
CO3. Critique the various roles of workers and the approaches to intervention in the human service agency
CO4. Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills in a professional context and within diverse communities to develop constructive working relationships
CO5. Demonstrate awareness of and ability to manage diversity in the workplace
CO6. Demonstrate ability to function as a reliable and constructive team member in the placement agency
CO7. Critically examine own strengths and developmental needs as a competent human service worker

Course Content
Students will complete 200 hours in placement. They will demonstrate human service skills and draw from theory in their practice. Students will develop their professional selves through developing a working relationship with a supervisor, establishing effective and constructive relationships, and managing diversity within their placement organisation, and by evaluating their effectiveness as a worker.

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