• October 3rd, 2017

PHY 120 L : Unit 1 Discussion 2: Life on Mars

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Unit 1 Discussion 2: Life on Mars
There has been discussion about people moving from Earth to Mars in the future. An organization called MarsOne (Links to an external site.) is recruiting investors and volunteers for the first manned mission there. The gravity on Mars is 62% lower than the gravity on Earth, meaning that someone weighing 100 kg on Earth would weigh 38 kg on Mars (Williams, 2014).
Imagine that you were able to move to Mars. In this forum, discuss some of the activities you engage in every day that would be dramatically different in lower gravity.
• What would be the advantages or disadvantages?
• Would some of your daily activities be easier, more difficult, or even completely impossible?
• If you could create your workspace in an environment with or without gravity, which would you choose? Why?
• How would the gravity or lack of gravity impact your physical activity?

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