• March 21st, 2016

PHOTOSTUDY – Child development

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Task:  1000 words total (50 words under each photo numbered 1-20)– 20 peer-reviewed articles references APA6th format– NO intro or conclusion


Photo study – Child/youth study depicted in a visual format.


Purpose: The photo study will provide the reader with an overview of the life of a 5-year-old child


  • On the uploaded Word doc called “5 year old subject” there are 20 photo/video no. 1-20 – (open and have a look NOW before continuing)


  • Under each photo (50 words each photo) you are to deliver a ‘story’ of the image/video using reference to appropriate developmental content from peer-reviewed articles ( 20 total). – (I have written under ‘almost’ each photo to try help you with the story of the photo/video plus possible child development theories for you to explain the photo/video so just delete my writing when you are done)

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