• April 19th, 2016

Philosophy Reflection

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. Briefly summarize Aristotle’s and Plato’s beliefs about the soul.

Survey five people on what they believe the nature of the human soul is (using the guidelines from the next item).

Try to ask five people who you perceive as different in some respects from the other people you question.

Differences can be religious, philosophical, career, gender, age-related, culture, etc.

First, explain to them Plato’s and Aristotle’s theories on the nature of the soul.Ask these people to describe what they perceive the soul to be,how it came into being, and how they believe it functions. Summarize their responses and compare this with your own beliefs on the nature of the soul.

Be sure to point out how your beliefs and your friends’ beliefs are different or similar from what Plato and Aristotle believed. (min 250 words)


  1. Explain Kierkegaard’s stages of life to three to five friends and colleagues.

Ask them what stage they think they are in at this time and note any insights they may have to offer about the stage they are in now.

Consider the ages of people who responded. Do you think age and life experience have anything to do with the responses and comments you heard?

What do you think influences life stages as Kierkegaard described?

Compare and contrast your friends’ responses to your own beliefs about what stage you are presently in; be sure to respond thoughtfully and refer to Kierkegaard’s theories

(min 250 words)

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