• April 19th, 2016

Philosophy of Religion

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Are humans capable of faith?
More specifically, if we take the story of Abraham and Isaac to be anecdotal or some sort of exception to what humans can do, is the faith that Abraham is lauded for something that we are capable of?
Why or why not?
Be sure to read Kierkegaard’s position fairly consider the full implications of your position.
All questions must be answered from the prompt and the paper must contain quotes from fear and trembling. No other sources should be used.Works cited required.
1) Raise specific issues. Make the answers to these questions clearly answers to these specific questions.
2) Avoid jargon, e.g. “Death of God” and “meaninglessness”, etc. In using words such as “commitment”, “absurdity”, and “faith”, make sure to make clear the author’s use of the term.
3) Avoid summary comparison. Show differences as well as similarities in any comparisons you make.
4) Avoid merely repeating what was said in lectures and sections.
5) Support your arguments with specific details and quotes from the texts.

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