• April 27th, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

• The assignment has the character of a reflective journal
• Each student is responsible for one of the assigned texts
• First, outline the text with an emphasis on the issues it raises and the arguments for and/or against a position. The goal for this part of the assignment is exposition and the virtue is both accuracy and succinctness
• Second, flesh out the issues the text raises. The goal for this part of the assignment is interpretation and/or elaboration. The virtue you should practice at this level of engagement with the text: be charitable. I.e., to the best of your ability choose an interpretation that allows the text to make sense
• Third, add your own reflection(s) on the issues. The goal for this part of the assignment is creative interaction with the text. What are your thoughts on the approach the text takes on a topic? Are there further implications you think are important? Are there problems? Are there competing interpretations? Is there contemporary relevance? Etc, etc.
• Aim for 600-800 words; the assignment is due as soon as our class discussion of the text assigned to you is completed
• The ‘meetings and assignments’ section of the syllabus gives you an idea when we will discuss in class the text assigned to each of you; you may use class discussion (and the notes on Canvas) to enrich your reflections

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