• March 27th, 2016


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In this assignment, you have to write a paragraph for each question.
These are the four questions:
1) Is Al-Kindi a fatalist? Can his position be reconciled with Islam (and if so how)?

2) Compare and contrast the ethical positions of Al-Kindi and Ar-Razi. How do they take different stands with respect to moderation and asceticism? What are the sources for their ethics? How do they interpret those sources differently?

3) What is the relationship between metaphysics and ethics in Al-Kindi and Ar-Razi? Focus in particular on the relationship between materialism, corruption, and the spiritual.

4) Is Al-Farabi’s concept of prophecy compatible with the Qur’anic model of revelation? How does he solve potential tensions between the neo-Platonic model and the orthodox religious model? Is he successful? (This may require additional research.)

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