• April 4th, 2016

Personal Story, Life Review, Reminiscence

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Interview an older person whom you already know, work with, or would like to meet. Analyze and report on his/her life story using lifespan biological, psychological, and sociological theories presented in class. Be sure to discuss life course transitions, and as many other major course topics as you can, such as health status, living arrangements, family relationships and social supports, work and retirement, psychological issues. Turn in a 1,250 word maximum paper including references of the course materials discussed.

You must talk to the interviewee in person, by phone, or Skype/FaceTime. Questioning them by text, email, or other types of instant written messaging is NOT sufficient, although it is permissible that you send them the questions ahead of time before speaking with them. You need to have a face to face, or ear to ear verbal conversation to understand the nuances and intentions of what they say, to hear their feelings about what they say, and to connect on a personal level. Meeting them in person or via videofeed if they live far from you, allows you to see their body language and expressions and to engage in active reflective listening. Recording the interview on your phone is recommended.

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