• May 8th, 2015


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Individual Assignment:

· Personal Dashboard

· Individual Assignment due by end of week 6

· Research and create a “Personal Dashboard”. Your Dashboard should contain several metrics and data points, utilized in your life. 

· In other words, define and include your KPI’s

· Please include a “graphical” example, which is fully discussed and explained. (Cover page, APA format, etc.)

· Assignments will be judged on content, creativity, and presentation

this dash board should reflect these KPI

Call Status Dashboard
A play-by-play of your call center performance that everyone can act on.

When it comes to operational performance, your call center is dependent on any number of factors that can quickly take a turn for the worst. A Call Status Dashboard monitors the status of key metrics like call adandonment levels, your currest service level, and your ability to handle current call volume. By having this information in your hands in real-time, you can address challenges before they become problems all while keeping your customers satisfied with the service you provide.
Relevant KPIs and metrics
•Call Abandonment and Volume
•Current Service Level
•Call Status
Call Center KPI Dashboard
Identify trends in your call center by monitoring the right KPIs.
Call Center Dashboard Examples | KPI Dashboard
OverviewManaging a call center takes keen tactical awareness and the ability to act and react to developing situations. On the other hand, it also takes a strategic and analytical view of your call center’s performance. This call center KPI dashboard is about identifying trends by examining data over a longer time period.
Relevant KPIs and metrics
•Service Level
•Call Resolution
•Average Seconds to Answer


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