• March 17th, 2016

Personal Budget

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The objective of this project is for you to set up a budget that allows you to work in your chosen profession upon completing your college education and to budget your new income given the typical starting salary in your area. We want you to understand what skills, education, and finances you need to get there. This will include finding affordable housing, finding transportation, and developing a budget, based on a career that matches your interests. Have fun dreaming of the future while also realizing what these dreams cost. I hope this project gives you the opportunity to observe the realities about work and financial responsibilities!
During this project you will need to calculate loan payments using the formulas in our text book and create a master spreadsheet in Excel that contains your budget. Within the guidelines of this project, assume that you will be independent. This means no income from parents, you may not live with parents/relatives, and you may not borrow a car for transportation purposes.

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