• April 17th, 2016

Persona -Poster and Reflection – This persona should cover your use of technologies in your personal and professional life

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In this assignment you will investigate your own use of technologies, and with this as your ‘user research’ you will create a persona based upon yourself. This persona should cover your use of technologies in your personal and professional life. Technologies should include things such as social media (including enterprise social networks), file sharing, online organisation tools and calendars, and other tools you may use in your work or professional lives. There may be overlap between the tools you use personally and professionally.

This assignment has TWO parts.

1-Part A: Poster with 16 Marks
This poster should clearly outline a persona that could be used by an organisation to understand a key audience segment. The persona will be based upon you, but will identify you as a particular type of user. For example if you are constantly engaging on social media personally and also use it at work it might be ‘Susie – the networked Millennial’. The poster should include information about the persona such as age, gender, education and profession, as well as outlining the way the persona interacts with technology and their needs, goals and motivations.

2- Reflection with 4 Marks ( 1000 words)

Your reflection should include a discussion of your key learnings from this assignment regarding your own use of technologies as well as your understanding of user research and persona creation. Discussion could include information about the way you interact with technology, how you used your ‘research’ to create a persona and your feelings on the use of personas by organisations. Your reflection should take the form of a 1000 word blog post or 6 minute vlog post.

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