• April 7th, 2016

Performance Management & Rewards

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Critically analyse the tangible and intangible strategic value of performance management systems and related activities and their link to rewards.

Your literature review will provide you with the basis for actions when developing a remuneration plan.

You are to complete independent research to locate and use at least six relevant, recent (since 2008) refereed journal articles and you may use the text and other authoritative sources (government publications, eg: APRA, BCA, major accounting and consulting firms, or some older refereed journal articles) to support your analysis and conclusions. All major points must, though, have support from the refereed literature (have been assessed as contributing to the relevant body of knowledge by experts in the field).

You are to explore in depth the nature and causes of issues related to performance management and rewards and what the literature says are possible ways of addressing those issues and their causes. You should attempt to move from a broad discussion of the issues and their causes, to literature that narrows down to factors specifically related to a particular industry setting or organisation size (provide relevant details)

You are then to reflect on the implications of this for your professional practice.

• What are the implications of your findings for your practice (current role and/or desired future role)?
• What are the likely future developments in this area and why do you believe this to be so?

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