• May 7th, 2015

Penny Stock Case Study

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Penny Stock Case Study Requirements:

1. Please read “Penny Stock Background Info” attached in NYU Class
Please read the following two stories, see links below:



– Please identify the common elements between the two stories. Please write a report on the analysis about your thought on penny stock based on the background info and the two story. 

– Is there any merit into penny stock? What are the danger of penny stock?

– Also, what is the difference between penny stock and junk bond? 

2. I picked one penny stock, please see the link before. 

Dejour Energy Inc. (DEJ), trade on AMEX


– Can we use option on penny stock? Is there a market for it? Is this stock perform better or worse than S&P 500 or Dow Jones? What do you think the reason is?
– How many trading positions can penny stock have? What is it or (are they)?


– What do you think the spike is about?
– Do you think the spike is called “pump and dump” or positive news associated with it? How does the strategy “pump and dump” work?

for problem #1, use 3 sources (penny background, and use the two links that i showed previously to answer the questions.
for problem #2, use another two websites (yahoo ) and the background word document that i showed previously to answer the questions


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