• October 1st, 2017

Peer to peer lending

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After reading the attached article (see below), produce a final report covering the following issues:
(i) Describe the new market model of online/marketplace lending, as discussed in the article. What are the major differences from conventional bank lending? (40 marks)

(ii) What kind of financial risks are present in online lending? What could be the effects on an economy’s financial stability, if the practice of marketplace lending substantially increases? (20 marks)

(iii) As it is stated in the article, the market place bosses believe that “…they can weather a downturn because they do not own the loans they originate”. What is your view of this statement? (20 marks)

(iv) How would you decide to incorporate such online/marketplace lending practices within a regulatory framework? Provide some practical recommendations. (20 marks)
Online lenders stuck on a hamster wheel
Doubts creep in over marketplace model’s ‘innovation’
by Jonathan Ford – FT (September 6, 2015)

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