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Payments to college athletes or Concussions in the NFL

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Definition of Problem Report

The purpose of this report is to identify a problem at the organization of your choice. Consider a problem that can be looked at from different angles. For this report you are carefully defining a problem, but please note that you are not proposing a solution at this stage. Proposing a solution will be the final project in this course.
Required Elements:
• Memo Cover Page
• Introduction with purpose statement
• Use the following items as subheadings to organize the paper, and address each of them thoroughly:
o Current State: Describe in detail the nature of the problem. Whose problem is it? What kind of problem is it?
o Benefits of Change: Describe all the potential benefits of making a change.
o Pitfalls of Change: Describe all the potential pitfalls of making change.
o Pitfalls of Not Changing: Describe all the potential pitfalls of not making the change.
o Potential Options: Without recommending any particular option, list a few different approaches to solving the problem
• Conclusion that ends memorable reiterates main points
• APA references page
Research: A minimum of two credible sources are required (course texts do not count)
Required Standards:
• 3-4 pages (does not include memo or reference page)
• Double spaced
• Times New Roman; 12 pt. font
• 1 inch margins
• Page numbers
• In-text citation and references page in APA format
Use the Problem Report Report Rubric to guide your worl.

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