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Payments to college athletes or Concussions in the NFL

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Audience Profile

The purpose of this assignment is to create an audience profile based upon a message you will deliver to a group of members within an organization of your choice. With this assignment, you will be beginning the process of identifying an issue or problem that you will be proposing a solution for in the final report.
Require Elements:
• Memo Cover Page
• Introduction with Purpose Statement
• Use “Questions for an Audience Profile” on Pg. 49 as subheadings to organize the paper, and answer each question thoroughly.
• Conclusion that ends memorably and reiterates main points
Required Standards:
• 2-3 pages (does not include memo)
• Double-spaced
• Times New Roman; 12 pt. font
• 1 inch margins
• Page numbers
Use the audience profile rubric to guide your work.

Questions for Audience Profile
Who is the audience?
What are their demographic characteristics?
What is the audience’s role?
How does the reader feel about the subject?
How does the reader feel about the sender?
What form does the reader expect?
What is the audience’s task?
What is the audience’s knowledge level?
What factors influence the situation?

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