• April 27th, 2016

Partnership & Accounting Software MYOB

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Step 1 involves you writing down some of your ideas, reflections and reactions to the following set readings, as attached:

1. Partnership: Chapter 15
2. MYOB: Chapter 7.

Read the above set readings, actively seeking to engage with the author and to understand what you are reading. What are the authors trying to say?

And while you do this, note down key concepts that occur to you. That’s right; just write them down as you go along. Also, include any questions that occur to you as you are reading. What do you find confusing, difficult to understand or believe, boring, exciting or surprising? This list will help to guide you in communicating what you believe are the key concepts and questions (KCQs) of the reading material.
Your personal engagement with the reading is what we are interested in. Do not summarise the readings. We are interested in your reactions,understanding, and questions from the readings.

We know what the readings say, so simply giving us a summary of the readings will not be telling us anything that we do not already know.

Use the words “I” and “me” in your Step 1. Different people will have different reactions to the readings. Tell us what your reactions actually are. This is what we are interested in. Do not tell us what you think we might want to hear. Be genuine and honest in your reactions to the readings. Give something of yourself in your Step 1. Remember, you are required to communicate the key concepts from the readings in your own words.

Explain whether you are satisfied with this arrangement, or if you would prefer to work in a pair. Use your reading of Chapter 15 of your set textbook to help you identify some advantages and disadvantages of working in a partnership with another student, and relate it to your efforts on this assignment.

We are looking for you to show a connection to the reading material. You might like to imagine that your close friend has presented you with the reading material and has asked you to explain to them the key concepts, in an easy-to-understand manner, using examples from your own life experiences (or those of others who you personally know about). For example, your parents may have run a small business and used MYOB – so you can use these experiences to back up your reactions as you are writing your key concepts and questions. You can also use your interactions with others from the course as part of your examples to support your communication of the key concepts. You might also like to imagine that you are preparing a lecture on the reading material and you are trying to explain it to others, and so you have to think of some interesting examples from your own experiences to assist you in explaining the concepts to others.

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