• January 8th, 2017


Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Write a 350- to 700-word paper on inmate or offender manipulation and games, including the following:

A scenario involving the use of contraband that includes the following:

An inmate or offender incarcerated for a high-profile murder

John Doe, a corrections officer

Jane Doe, a corrections officer charged with maintaining case logs for internal security directly related to the smuggling of contraband

In the scenario, the inmate or offender must manipulate John Doe and Jane Doe, as the officers responsible for the safety and security of the facility, and smuggle in a cell phone as contraband. Identify the steps taken for the inmate or offender to accomplish this task.

Answer the following questions about your scenario:

What negative effects does this have on security of the facility?

What other negative effects does the smuggling of contraband have in the correctional setting?


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