• May 6th, 2015

Orientalism and Fashion Design

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I am looking for help to editing my current paper about orientalism  and fashion and add more critical thinking and design analysis into my current paper instead of only history. “Orientalism is a concept that has been the cause of discussion for a long time. The modern world has viewed fashion as a signature statement that only is trending with the Orientalism  incorporated.” In this way I am thinking about arguing the following questions:
1.in nowadays, as western modern aesthetics dominates the design direction in fashion design, should designers (especially asian designers) insist or highlight orientialism design in fashion? 

2. if so, should designers persuade pure orientialism design or connect the design with modernity(western aesthetics)? (my answer will be insist with oriental design but also combine with modernity, could relates with METGALA ’s latest concept) Also, is insisting orientalism  design problem setting or problem saving?(my answer would be to asian designers who don’t do oriental style this is problem setting, but to community, this is problem saving) 

3.Does the appear of orientalist design will affect/affected the design community and what is the influence? ( I already include some of the historical impact to fashion industry in my paper but i am not arguing the impact in modern society yet.),

4.Please help me to argue about the questions above and also define who will be the “user”, the “participates” and what is the impact to community if doing orientalism fashion. What I have write in my paper is the history part of orientalist fashion and my prototype of how would I do orientalist fashion (combine orliantal style with modern structure) if i were the designer. please help me to add at least 1 pages to discuss the question above and insert that into my current paper. Also The paper need to include at leastTwo of the class sources to do the bibliography and citation in order to discuss the questions above.

1.Toward a Global Idea of Race Introduction: A death foretold da Silva, Denise F.

2. One Place After Another
Chapter 4: From site to community in new genre public art: the case of culture in action
Kwon, Miwon

3.Beautiful Generation
Chapter 2: All in the family?
Tu, Thuy Linh N.

4.Design Studies: A Reader
Rules, Types, Worlds
Schön, Donald

5. write a 250-500 word discussion in your own words of the questions raised for you by your proposal or prototype or the process of research and making / writing. Reflecting back on your process of finding a topic, researching it, and attempting to design a response to it, what questions do you have? What did you notice? What was difficult or complex and why? Write about this for this final component of the assignment at the end of the paper.



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