• January 7th, 2017

Organizational Change and Workforce Management

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Assume that you are the consultant the CEO has hired to do this assessment project. Your main tasks are to: (a) identify the key components involved in changing the organizational culture, and (b) identify the steps needed to generate sustainable change.

Here are the deliverables that the Board of Directors and CEO want to receive from you:

1. Develop a comprehensive strategic plan that has two major sections: Organization Development and Human Resources. The CEO and Board of Directors expect you to create your plan by using benchmarking, and by integrating human resources and organization development best practices from other healthcare organization and other industries.

2. The Organization Development section will address the following topics:

• Workplace communication

• Motivation

• Leadership

• Employee stress

• Decision making

• Conflict management

• Team building and group dynamics

• Embracing change and change management

The Human Resources section will address the following topics:

• Organizational and human resources systems that need to be in place to effect positive organizational outcomes

• The steps and decisions involved in recruitment, selection, and retention of staff

• Performance management systems

• Compensation and reward systems

• Training and development processes and their contribution to the organization’s bottom line

• Relationship of organized labor and management in healthcare

• The resources, key staff/roles, and steps required to develop a safe workplace

Your submission must be 13-15 pages in length. Incorporate 20 credible and current references. Ten of these must be peer-reviewed articles.

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