• April 17th, 2016

Organizational Analysis

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

o Overview of the organization, its location, vision, mission, objectives, goals, characteristics, its policies and regulations, codes of ethics, expected outcomes, leadership styles, and how your school / organization measure its success. What factors (internal and external) impact the performance of your organization / school? In short, highlight the main principles and core values of your organization’s strategic plan, showing how this plan is consistent with and in alignment with the overall strategic plan of the Ministry of Education.

o How the mission drives the objectives, goals of your unit / department / and division action plan?

o Analyze your organization in relation to organizational models / classical / neo classical / natural system / or open system models.

o Which organizational model your institution fits into. What are the characteristics of this model (strengths, and weaknesses of the model)

o You have been exposed to various organizational modes; benchmark your organizational model with one of these models.

o Specify in what way your organization fits one or more of these models. Explain the main managerial characteristics of your organization in relation to your chosen model(s).

o What are the points of strength and weakness of this model within the context of your organization?

o What challenges your organization face (internal and external factors) what is the impact of these challenges on the productivity of this organization?

o Analyze the organization success factors. Analyze the factors that may have led to its failure.

o What process you recommend this organization should follow to bring about the desired change.

o The structure of power in your organization – authority structure.

o Conflict resolution techniques. What is your organization’s approach to conflict resolution?

o What is the leadership model your organization adopts and what are the pros and cons of the adopted model.

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