• April 20th, 2016

Operations Management

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

After reading the case study, as you see there are six sections which need to be answered (2,500 words). Section 3 and 4 are the main sections of this case study that carries high marks. In section 3 and 4 calculations need to be done on Excel sheet and screenshots should be included in the report.
Concerning section 5, you should refer to the calculations in the sections before, but no calculation in section 5. No need for description of the calculation in section 5.
In section 5 you should talk about equipment’s, for instance,
– what happens when a rig breakdown?
– If we have more capacity than demand. What happens when demand goes up?
Please don’t make it restrictive, don’t describe the information’s that are mentioned in the case study (text).
Screenshots of calculations with formula have to be shown in the appendices.

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