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Operations management

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Operations Management Assessment The Operations Management module will be assessed by a written assignment that deals with the application of any aspect of the theory covered in the module. Aim of the assignment The aim of the assignment is to allow you to show and develop your understanding of a topic that has been covered in the module. Operations management has a very broad base of knowledge and the intention of the assignment is to take advantage of that broad base, allowing you to focus on an area that concerns you or is of interest to you in some other way. The assignment will therefore emphasise the role that operations management plays in an organisation. Assignment task The assignment is a 2,000-word essay or report focusing on an aspect of the module. The assignment appendices must not exceed 15 pages and the assignment must be submitted electronically as a single file. The Operations Management module is assessed by an individual written report that deals with the application of one or more aspects of the theory taught on the course in the context of an organisation you are familiar with or of your own choice OR to discuss any of the operations management topics as it applies today. Thus your options are: Question 1 To apply the material covered in any ONE of the operations management topics in your own sphere of influence or Question 2 Evaluate the utility and relevance of any ONE of the operations management topics to the contemporary business environment Question 1 offers the opportunity (if this is available to you within your organisation) to carry out research into the way a particular aspect of the module material works or does not work in your own sphere of influence – within your organisation. As an example, your organisation could be introducing quality management or lean management techniques. Thus giving you the opportunity to discuss the theory and how well this applies in practice from your own experience, comparing and contrasting the two. Question 2 offers the opportunity to further develop your knowledge in an area that is of interest to you. For example, should you have developed an interest in approaches to organising suppliers and wish to extend your knowledge, it is acceptable within the assignment requirements to research into the topic and to present your research as your assignment. This work does not need to be related to your organisation – it can relate to any organisation(s) currently in existence, i.e. the contemporary business environment. The word count for the assignment is very small, hence the emphasis on ONE topic. There is inevitably some overlap between concepts, so please use your intelligence when scoping your response. It is very difficult to treat a very broad subject like ‘supply chain management’ with sufficient insight to score high marks. If a broad topic interests you, we advise you to pick a specific aspect of it to focus on. Other information of use The following details of the assignment are also available on Blackboard under the ‘Assessment’ menu item. Here you will find examples of previous work as well as advice on study skills including referencing and critical analysis. When reading one of the previous assignments submitted, do take note of the examiner’s comments as well as the way the work has been referenced. It is good practice to write out a 500-word (or so) summary of the work you intend to achieve and to show this to your tutor as the formative assessment in Unit 9. This may well save you a great deal of pain and time later when you find that the work is unsuitable! This is an offer you are strongly advised to take advantage of. Note: this is not compulsory. Note also the one topic that is definitely NOT suitable is the management of an individual project – that is for the Project Management MBA module. Your work may be in report format or in essay format. Always follow the basic rules for either style. Recommendations are not required; however it is always good practice to include a conclusion to your work. Appendices, diagrams, tables and figures are not included in the 2,000-word count. Exceeding the limit will mean that your work is subjected to a penalty. There is often a rumour about a ±10% tolerance – this is incorrect!! The limit is a maximum. Each piece of work should be typed, double line spaced and single side printed. It should have a title page which includes a word count and a signed statement of authenticity from you stating the work being submitted is your own (for example: I certify that this assignment is the result of my own work and does not exceed the word count noted below, signed…….) Please include your student identification number and page numbers (e.g. 2 of 5 pages) as a footer in any assignment submitted in case pages become loose. Appendices should contain specific types of analyses (such as financial, breakeven, capacity, cost, etc.) and information that supports and is relevant, but would be too detailed for the body of the report. Appendices must not exceed 15 pages. Written analysis should be of the same quality that you would provide to the management of a business, albeit in an academic style. Describing the theory does not demonstrate that you understand it – we are looking for something that shows that you can apply the theory to a new situation. All work must be adequately supported by academic/published material and correctly attributed to the source using the Harvard system. A link to the School of Management’s guidelines for this can be found on Blackboard under ‘Assessment’. The hand-in date is 23.59 hours (your local time) 13 April 2015. Failure to meet this deadline will result in a mark of zero being awarded (Bradford University Regulations). In some circumstances it is possible to be granted an extension – you should read the guidelines provided by the Administration site on Blackboard. The standard coursework pro forma will be used to provide project feedback. You should familiarise yourself with the criteria on this document, as your work will be assessed against this. You should also note that each category is not equally weighted. In particular, you must demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical concepts and frameworks in your chosen operations management topic. Thus more credit will be given to analytical material rather than simply descriptive material. The pro forma is available on Blackboard under ‘Assessment’. Guidance for newcomers For some of you, this is your first module on the MBA. It may also be a long time since you last did any academic work. In order to earn a good score on the assignment you need to demonstrate certain abilities shown in the standard coursework pro forma (available on Blackboard in the ‘Assessment’ folder). If you are unfamiliar with these it can be quite challenging to learn them quickly, so we have developed various resources to help. There are some resources provided within the Assessment folder to help you get to grips with referencing, structuring your work and critical thinking. If you remain unsure of what is required, use the opportunity of the formative assessments to get feedback from your tutor – we are always happy to help. You may also contact us with any questions

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