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Operations and Supply Chain Management

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MODULE TITLE : Operations and Supply Chain Management
TITLE OF ASSESSMENT : Operations Analysis Report
COURSE(S) : Business & Management

-The answer to questions should be in the form of a business report with appropriate structure and layout and presentation using pictures, photos, tables, diagrams, graphs and references as required.
– Answering the questions/addressing the assignment brief is fundamental and underpins all the other criteria. Application of ideas, theory, concepts and frameworks from the module is fundamental to the assessment.

COURSE WORK: Based on the Multi-Media case; Exquisite Hand-made cakes [EHC]

Equisite Cake Case material :

EC Cakes Website

Process tour of the EHC business


Guidance youtube Video for the cours work:

Develop an improvement strategy for EHC’s operational performance by answering the questions below;
– Identify and justify the competitive priorities for improving two of the performance dimensions for EHC
– Specify how your recommendations from section B impact the two chosen performance dimensions, and how you would measure any improvements?
Remember you can utilise your work on the performance dimensions from Part 1 – you will find part 1 in the attachment file( improving 2 of the performance dimensions for EHC) “I have done part 1 by myself you could add or correct when it’s necessary.

* ِAbout section B : Critically evaluate EHC’s position in the overall supply network and develop a strategy for EHC’s ‘downstream’ supply chain, including a B2C channel ( you will find the B2C market research data with the attached files). I have done this section before, is not a really good work but you have to use it and please use it in a good way.

* I add a a friend example – he get 75 % for his work last semester, for similar case study, he would got more mark if he referenced each paragraph or his information, not just add them in the end ( you will find it in the attachment file )

* you need to draw diagram like that one in the attached file (lecture 10 Improvement -reference 5) slid 9 (External and internal benefits). Also use the concepts and theories from the same file ((lecture 10 Improvement -reference 5)


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