• April 20th, 2016

Operations and Process Management

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The Task You are required to write a report, based on your understanding of some of the academic literature on the subject, on how you envisage that ‘Lean’ principles could be applied in your two selected organisations. Specifically, you are required to:


  1. a) Identify and explain the different types of waste you might expect to find in the core Operations activities of each of your selected organisations. You should provide some evidence, or a sound rationale for the types of waste identified.

(20% of marks)


  1. b) Explain how the application of ‘Lean’ principles could help your selected organisations reduce or eliminate waste in their core value-adding processes. You should address each organisation separately, at this stage.

(50% of marks)


  1. c) Identify and explore any similarities and differences between the issues you might expect that each of your selected organisations would have to address in their ‘Lean’ implementation programmes.

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