• March 27th, 2016

On the Spot Exercise; observation

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On the Spot Exercise is an individual activity that requires each student to engage in
observational and analytical aspects of research. Each student will select a site at a location of choice within New York City and then proceed to observe that site during three (3) separate instances. The span of time for each observation is at the discretion of the student, but must remain constant over the three instances. During the first two (2) instances, the student is to behave as a casual observer that is, simply blend in to the environment. During the third instance, the student is to engage in an atypical or otherwise strange behavior. (While this is an opportunity to be creative, it is expected that each student will behave in a moral and legal manner, and in a way that is neither overly-disruptive nor overly-uncomfortable for other people). The student should take notes immediately following each instance and then prepare a report that details the factors such as appearance of the site location, rationale for span of observation time, typical behaviors of people within the selected environment, and reactions of people to the atypical behavior essentially, a description and explanation about what, how, and why things are happening. Each report should be to be a maximum of five (5)-pages in length, appropriately referenced, and include an additional works cited page.

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