• January 7th, 2017

obesity in the united states

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Are US citizens obese?

  1. When can we characterize someone as being obese?The difference between fat and overweight? Pudgy or baby fat?
  2. What contributes to obesity in America? Why is obesity a problem for America? Why is obesity a problem at all? Why is it a disease? Why is it bad?

Why did the obesity rate increase over the past couple of years? Why is obesity on the rise? Is it because of tv? Neglectful parents, peers, spouse? Fast food?Vending machines?

  1. Are ways to control obesity effective at all? Or are they just a temporary cure?
  2. What should we do to stop obesity? How can we prevent it? How can we fight it? Should we ban sugary snacks, drinks? Tax sugary snacks and drinks? Sue fast food companies? Education on the benefits on healthy diets? Early physical activity training? Reduce portions in restaurants? Tax benefits to companies that have gyms or give memberships to employees?
  3. Who should help fight obesity? Parents, schools or the government? Should parents be responsible for helping prevent children becoming obese? Should schools be enforce new rules or should the government be mandating? Who will have the greatest impact on us?


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