• April 2nd, 2016

Newcomers integrate with unskilled labor market and its impact on their total integration process with host society

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The integration of immigrants is one of the major issues which are being faced by the developed countries as it influences the policies of the countries and affects the economy of the country. This research paper aims to explore different aspects of integration of unskilled immigrants into host Labor market. In order to fulfil the purpose of the research, following questions have been designed by the researcher. • How do immigrants perceive actions taken by labor market representative (SME Businesses, employer organization, recruit agencies, Labor union, and local labor policy makers) to integrate them within labor market? • How do asylum seekers respond to the actions that are being taken with the intention to integrate them in the labor market? ( asylum seeker can obtain work permit when they are on second phage on application proceed time ) • How do the actions taken by employers and coworkers help newcomers to integrate with Danish society? What kind of role can consumer paly from this very industry?

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