• April 7th, 2016

Network security

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1)As a network architect, you plan to build a small network in a Multi-Level Security (MLS) environment. Your goal is to enforce the Bell-La Padula (BLP) access control model in the network. The BLP model was previously discussed in CSEC 630. In a nut shell, the model defines two mandatory access control rules:
•No Read Up Rule: a subject (Low) at a lower security level must not read an object (High) at a higher security level. Simply, a Low entity cannot have read-access to a High object.
•No Write Down Rule: a subject (High) at a higher security level must not write to any object (Low) at a lower security level. Simply, a High entity cannot have a write-access to a Low object.

What are the security concerns or issues in building the MLS network? How would you build the MLS network?

**** It may be helpful to the discussion to draw a diagram as an example and attach it to your posting. Please clearly state your assumption. To keep the discussion simple, assume only two security levels exist, High (Classified Security Level) and Low (Unclassified Security Level). This is an open question (there is no right and wrong answer). ****

2) Select one topic for discussion that you consider important regarding modern network security architecture. If the topic you want to discuss has previously been covered in one of the Modules, please enhance and elaborate on it. The following is a list of possible topics:
•VLAN architecture
•Firewall architecture
802.1x /AAA
•SSL VPN architecture
•Secure wireless LAN architecture
•Many more (you may choose your own topic)

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